About PastryClass

Turn your pastry to success. Just like they did.

PastryClass is an international online pastry platform. Professional, modern, and innovative. Featuring most respected pastry chefs and influencers from all around the world with their exclusive pastry classes. Focused to provide education from experienced home bakers to professional pastry chefs and productions worldwide. PastryClass is the only pastry teaching platform gathering a whole niche of the top pastry artists with the highest student exposure of any existing pastry school.

We educate pastry to all around the world, in any country and continent, to any nationality, age and variety of passionate people striving to learn at their own comfort via the state-of-the-art online teaching platform. Pastry students, chefs, home bakers, food bloggers, teachers, and creative souls.

Cédric Grolet, Johan Martin, Frank Haasnoot, Yann Couvreur, Ramon Morató and many others with their first-ever online classes, only at PastryClass, and it’s just the beginning!

PastryClass has a mix of different classes—some that will improve your pastry cooking, others that will give you inspiration, and ones that will help you grow your pastry business! Gain a new baking skill, get inspired or learn how to build your pastry business.

The classes are approachable for experienced home bakers and have advanced techniques for professional chefs.

The unique PastryClass structure allows you to move through the lessons at your own pace and comfort.

PastryClass has two enrollment options to choose from. Both enrollments include a workbook with class recipes and materials, bonus recipes/materials, and access to PastryConnect, the members' community platform. Additionally, get a certificate, and lifelong access with a Premium enrollment option.

All of the class content varies in quantity but the quality remains uncompromised— always high-quality, unique, and variable lessons by professional instructors.

As of today, PastryClass is the best online school in the pastry industry, featuring the highest quality of the video, website, functionality, content, marketing and design. Streaming first-ever online pastry classes by rare-to-reach pastry legends.

Get started now with the world`s best online pastry classes.

The world`s best online pastry classes